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I was born and raised Birmingham, Alabama, and I am now a Florida gal living on the beautiful Emerald Coast of 30A. Florida has treated me ever so kindly and has easily made its way into my heart as my new home. If you told me when I started college that I would graduate during a pandemic and move to the beach for my dream job, I would've told you you were nuts. But God! He has made my wildest dreams into a reality. Gratefulness fills me to the brim.

raised in alabama, residing in florida

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Love / Sunsets / Laughter / Early Mornings / Film Photos / Travel / A Good Book / The Ocean / Handwritten Letters / Picnics / Dancing

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Living at the beach has its perks for sure! Its people are my favorite perk of all- each bringing a new sense of adventure to my experience. Together we can create and inspire. I truly value every single one of these relationships and hope to connect with you as well. This is my favorite part about my job.

Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time, and in college I found the time to pursue it! I enjoy capturing people and raw emotion. Whether its family, friends, or lovers, it's in our nature to love deeply. My job is to create a fun and joyful environment during our time together so that love shines through in my photos. It is so rewarding to show people how beautiful they are through my photography. This creative outlet has been beyond enjoyable, and I am always finding new ways to photograph people.

If you made it this far, thank you! Stay a while, or don't, but I do hope you choose to be apart of this journey.

As a photographer, my journey behind the lens is driven by a profound passion for capturing the intrinsic beauty in everyone and everything. It's a joy to reflect that beauty back to my clients – even the couples who swear they're camera shy end up beaming from ear to ear when I reveal sneak peeks of their photos during our sessions. There's something incredibly powerful about seeing yourself through someone else's eyes.

I absolutely adore capturing couples in their most real and candid moments. It's like freezing their love in time – the stolen glances, the shared jokes, the way their hands naturally find each other. It's not just about pictures; it's about telling their story.

My job is to stop time itself. I'm all about preserving the real stuff – the messy, the beautiful, the goofy, and the tearful. From the heart-pounding joy of exchanging vows to the quiet moments when ashes are spread on the beach, every event is a chapter in someone's life that I'm entrusted to document.

Every click of my camera button feels like a handshake of trust between me and the incredible people who let me be part of their journey. It's a privilege that never escapes me, the realization that I'm invited to capture and celebrate their most precious moments. So, whether it's tears of joy or laughter, I'm here to make sure those stories are etched into memories that last a lifetime.

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Waking up in glamping pods in the Irish mountains - surrounded by sheep!

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The Band Camino! I've been a fan since day one! I looove all their music and have seen them live countless times!"

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I am a sushi fanatic! And any and allll forms of cheese. I don’t discriminate here. 

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Sorry to be a little cheesy... but following my heart and starting my own business!

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I collect books! Always reading a good book and love discussing them with friends!

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utah / colorado / new york city / puetro vallarta / spain / portugal / ireland / england / netherlands / belgium 

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italy / greece / paris / bali / morocco / bahamas / hawaii

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